What Is Hot Shot Auto Transport

What Is Hot Shot Auto Transport

What Is Hot Shot Auto Transport -Hot shot auto transport service is when a small car hauler, normally a 3-5 car carrier picks up and deliver a small number of cars. Most large auto carriers transport 7-9 vehicles across long distances. This allows for the smaller auto hot shot so to fill a important and much needed niche.

Lets say you need to ship only one to two vehicles to a location that’s within a short distance, more than likely a hot shot auto carrier will be a far better solution. Also smaller auto hot shot carriers are able to access more difficult locations than the larger auto haulers.To make it simple smaller carriers can fit where large carriers cannot.

So what is hot shot auto transport ?  Basically, a much smaller version of larger auto transporters who normally hall cars on semi’s and are double stacked loaded. Smaller carriers, tend to have fewer vehicles, and go much shorter distances. Although, most run from coast to coast if they can get paid good money.

Keep in mind, three things when you think about hot shot auto transport:

  1. Hot shot auto carriers carry a limited number of vehicles which generally are between 3-5 cars.
  2. Most hot shot auto carriers pick up and deliver vehicles within a set distance of there operating area. But, some do run long distance but that is solely based on the pay
  3. Hot shot auto carriers are often able to deliver to more difficult locations that it would be impossible for a large or standard-sized carriers to reach.

You ask, who uses hot shot auto transport services?  Car dealerships ,Car hobbyists, Car antique dealers,Individuals and auto brokers. When these customers need to ship smaller loads to their customers nearby, hot shot auto trucking is the standard solution. In fact, many larger auto transport companies wouldn’t even be willing to handle these small number of automobiles, due to short delivery distances and difficult delivery locations.

Interested in shipping a vehicle using a hot shot auto transport service, then contact Silver Spur Xpress, LLC , a professional auto transport company. We are ready and able to haul your car to your requested destination. Rest assured, no job is too small for us! We always provide the same top level of professionalism, care, safety and consideration as we do for all of our auto transport customers. To learn more or get a quote on our hot shot auto transport service, please give us a call at 405-445-5149 or use our Contact Us form.

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What Is Hot Shot Auto Transport

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