OOIDA Files Request For 5 Year Extension

OOIDA Files Request For 5 Year Extension

OOIDA recently filed a request to the FMCSA  asking for a 5 year exemption to the ELD mandate, which went into effect on December 18th, 2017. This would allow small carriers that do not have an “unsatisfactory” safety rating and can document a proven history of safety performance without attributable at-fault crashes to be allowed to continue to use paper logs rather than ELDs to record hours of service.

OOIDA reached out to its members and issued a Call to Action earlier in January, asking all drivers to file comments in support of the requested exemption request. To date there have been nearly 1700 comments provided to the FMCSA mostly in favor of this requested exemption.

FMCSA has recently granted exemptions and waivers for large carriers such as UPS, FED X,  Ag industry, and rental truck fleets. However, they should also acknowledge small-business carriers who have shown they can drive safely without ELDs according to OOIDA.

Public comments are still open until February 1, 2018 and we encourage the public to comment with us to help add this exemption to this unsafe mandate. You can use this link below to make your comments.

:Click here to submit comments directly to docket No. FMCSA-2017-0356.

This exemption would provide enough time to allow smaller carriers to embrace the financial impact, or cost, associated with equipment and the proper training of ELD devices. It will also provide time for the FMCSA to collect data from mega carriers and to study the potential of just how these devices are unsafe.


OOIDA Files Request For 5 Year Extension

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