Ceasing Operations

It is of great dismay that we are having to cease operations. Currently, there is no solution to this problem. The at fault carrier, whom destroyed our equipment, will get off without having to pay a dime and our insurance company left holding the bag. Our attorney is simply not interested in helping us recover any of the business losses and meanwhile the business is steadily declining. We are very upset with our legal system and the fact that they can just take there time as they please. Changes need to be made in order to immediately compensate accident victims and the business who can not sustain a major blow.

For now we  must announce that we are cease operations till further notice. With this, we will lose a good customer base as well as revenue.We can no longer sustain and it angers me to no avail.

I do want to thank everyone for there dedication and support that helped us grow over the past year. No one is ever prepared to ever see it end this so abruptly and take many months to resolve. We will continue to have hope and vision that we will once again return to serve the auto hauling industry.

Kindest Regards

Silver Spur Xpress LLC