14 miles of I-69‘tire bursting potholes’

Indiana Troopers have reported that a section of I-69 north of Indianapolis has been deemed almost impassable due to “tire bursting potholes”. Troopers have advised that motorist find alternate routes to avoid the 14 mile stretch of Interstate between mile markers 220 to 234 from now through Sunday . They have lowered the speed limits from 70 mph to 45 mph to minimize use of this section of roadway.

Indiana road crews have closed both right lanes in an attempt to start emergency repairs on the 14 mile stretch of roadway. According to the Indiana State Police weather conditions are causing major issues with more and more pot holes opening up in the roadway. Road crews are currently fighting to keep up with repairs. New potholes that are being opened up daily are also causing a delay in repairs.

Further, Indiana State Police are asking all motorist to slow down. Traffic backups are very possible. Many delays for traffic to pass through this area are certain.

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